New Research: Australians Falling Short on Grain Based Fibre

In the first study of its kind, it’s been revealed that Australians are getting just half the grain based fibre needed for good health! The research highlights an opportunity for Australians to boost their health, simply by increasing fibre intake from grains. Read more here.

Hot Topics: Get the Low Down on Carbohydrates

Are you confused about carbs? Do we really need them for a healthy lifestyle? In the first of our new series of Hot Topics, where we look at the food issues you really want to know about, we’ve taken a close look at what carbohydrates actually are, whether we should be eating them and how much we really need. Find out here.

GLNC’s Breakfast Cereal Audit Results

The results of our recent audit covering Australian breakfast cereals is encouraging, showing that of the 468 products analysed, 85% were a source of fibre and 96% contained low or moderate levels of sodium. Click here for more on the Australian breakfast cereal category, plus tips on how to choose the best cereal for you .

Trendy Vs Traditional Grains

Are ancient grains really worth the fuss? And do they offer superior nutritional benefits over traditional grains like oats, wheat and rye? We’ve delved into the research on the latest trend in the grains category and examined whether quinoa and buckwheat really are worth the hype! Read more here.