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November 2015 Global Pulse Industry Celebrates Launch of the UN International Year of Pulses 2016
May 2015 Legumes A Hearty Winter Hero
April 2015 Risk of weight gain if you go against the grain
April 2015 The Australian Signature Pulse Dish Recipe Competition Opens 13 April 2015
January 2015 Give your kids a fibre boost: back-to-school lunchbox tips
November 2014 Grains not to blame for weight gain
November 2014 Busting Myths about Grain Foods & Weight Loss
October 2014 Leadership role for GLNC at global pulses forum
September 2014 Black rice is the new black
May 2014 3 in 4 Aussies not eating enough whole grain foods: New industry standard to help shoppers make better food choices
May 2014 First National Nutrition Survey in 15 years shows importance of grain foods in the Australian diet
February 2014 Europe Announces Comprehensive Whole Grain Definition
November 2013 Six ancient grains to spice up your summer salads
November 2013 GLNC gains first major sign-ups to voluntary industry code for whole grain ingredient content
July 2013 New industry code sets standard for whole grain ingredient content claims
June 2013 Whole grain characterisation adopted in US
May 2013 GLNC livens up legumes with the launch of their Everyday Guide
April 2013 New campaign gives Australians the “whole story” about grains and weight loss
March 2013 Grains are key to warding off disease and maintaining weight say Australian researchers
February 2013 Revised Dietary Guidelines Lack Clear Grains Message
May 2012 Latest science reveals Australians need to swallow some grains of truth about staple foods
February 2012 New Identity Brings Clarity to Grains & Legumes Representation