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By joining the Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council (GLNC) as a member, you’ll gain access to a wealth of valuable resources, insights, and opportunities to leverage GLNC’s independent position with key opinion leaders and regulators.

GLNC has a rich resource base of data, analysis, and evidence-based material. This allows the organisation to undertake a range of tasks, including critical analyses of the latest scientific nutrition and health papers related to grains and legumes, and developing specific nutrition information to support product development and communications. GLNC also provides expert advice and opinion on nutrition and health matters to ensure that products are developed and promoted in line with industry best practices, the latest science, and legislation.

In addition to its research and analysis capabilities, GLNC houses a range of valuable data, including comprehensive nutrient analysis of Australian-grown grains and legumes and key messages and issues management manuals. GLNC also undertakes notable consumer research, generating insights into consumer attitudes and perceptions about grains and legumes, including consumption.

The independent position of GLNC enables the council to influence and drive action on regulatory and policy change. The council develops policy discussion papers and public health policy and regulatory submissions, reviews the latest updates and insights on legislative and regulatory changes, and offers insights into commercial applications and the impact of regulatory and policy decisions on organizations.

As a member of GLNC, you can also add value to your brand or business by accessing GLNC’s range of marketing tools and communication channels, including the use of the GLNC logo on and off pack for grain foods that qualify for certification under the Code of Practice for Whole Grain Ingredient Content Claims.

You can also leverage the power and credibility of the GLNC name and logo as a third-party endorsement for product marketing campaigns, request bespoke nutrition and trends summaries, and benefit from GLNC’s social media community of over 60,000 and growing.

Joining GLNC is easy. Simply fill out this form and one of the team will be in touch.

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