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Pulse Feast - Make a Pulse Pledge for 2016 | IYP

Pulse Feast – Make a Pulse Pledge for 2016

As a way to kick off the global IYP celebrations, Global Pulse Confederation is organizing a Global Live Stream event called Pulse Feast on 6 January 2016. This will be a series of live streamed events, where groups from around the world will share their events with the world in their time zone, before handing the broadcast over to someone else in the next time zone. We hope to have a full day of celebrations from around the world, and only you can make this happen!

The Australian National Committee is encouraging all Australians to make a Pulse Pledge for 2016 as a New Years Resolution.

Pulses are part of a healthy, balanced diet and have been shown to have an important role in preventing illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. More information on the health benefits of pulses can be found here.

To be a part of PulseFeast and make your Pulse Pledge for 2016 is easy.  Take a photo or video of you, or a group of people, pledging to eat more pulses in 2016 and upload to Social Media before 6 January 2016.  The National Committee will use your media to showcase why Australians love pulses on 6 January 2016, kicking off the global celebrations first thing in the morning.

The more creative your posts are, the better!  Showcasing iconic Australia somehow? Bonus points! Have a pulse dish in your post and show the world how Australia is getting behind International Year of Pulses.  If you need recipe ideas, visit our IYP Signature Dish Recipe Competition page.

Don’t forget to use the IYP 2016 handle #LovePulses and the Aussie handle @AusIYP16 to make sure we see what you are up to and can join in your celebration.

While you are at it, follow the Australian Social Media platforms on Twitter (@ausiyp16), Instagram (@AusIYP16) and Facebook (International Year of Pulses – Australia).

More information on Pulse Feast and the global IYP movement can be found at www.iyp2016.0rg.