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Tasting Australia 2016 | IYP

Tasting Australia 2016

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Tasting Australia is the South Australian leading culinary festival showcasing the best of local produce and eating and drinking experiences, managed by Events South Australia, a department of the South Australian Tourism Commission.

The festival focuses on promoting regions, regional producers and produce and our variety of culinary products with the aim of increasing tourism for the state.

The Town Square is the hub of the festival where visitors can experience great food, wine, beer and cider and where a variety of entertainment is presented on the main stage. Guest chefs will deliver demonstrations of recipes and leave you with tips to improve your own skills.

The stage will also be host to panel discussions aimed at starting conversations on key issues in the industry, effect positive change and leave visitors better informed.

The highlight of the hub is the regional exhibits. Each region of South Australia is invited to put their best food forward for the 8 days and provide treats showcasing their region, regional producers and establishments.

More information on Tasting Australia can be found at www.tastingaustralia.com.au.


With support from funding partners, Australian IYP National Committee are planning a presence that will involve an interactive activity showcasing pulses from grower through to consumer; including production information, cooking demonstrations and information on how to incorporate more pulses into everyday meals.

If you are interested in becoming involved in Tasting Australia by supporting IYP activities please contact the IYP Project Coordinator, Rebecca Freeman, on 0414 844 425.