Red Nugget Lentils with Mushy Baked Eggplant

nugget lentils-nugget lentils w baked eggplant-Simon Bryant - credit Jacqui Way Photography - & dirt(y) incIn celebration of the International Year of Pulses, Simon Bryant (celebrity chef) has kindly provided us with some  inspiration on how to cook with lentils!

Spill out half a pack of red nugget lentils and throw in a pot to cook…just follow the packet directions.

Grab 4 reasonable sized eggplants, lightly olive oil some foil and wrap ’em up like baked spuds and cook in a medium oven until mushy (about 40 mins at 180° C).

Gently cut in half (keep the skins though, you’ll need them in a minute), scoop all the flesh out and blend this with a couple of stupidly big tablespoons of both tahini and greek yogurt, add juice of a lemon and a good whack of sea salt…kinda like making babaganoush!

Dollop the mix back into the eggplant skins, chuck some lentils on top, with a good douse of olive oil, a crack of black pepper, an extra pinch of good sea salt, and smoked paprika (if you want to be all fancy) and garnish with roughly chopped parsley.

If you’re really hungry chuck the eggplant on top of some soft cheesy polenta….or if you’re feeling carnivorous, serve with some chargrilled lamb.

This recipe was kindly provided by Simon Bryant and the image is by Jacqui Way Photography.