Australian Intake of Legumes

GLNC Consumption Study

The GLNC 2014 Grains and Legumes Consumption and Attitudes Study was a survey of Australians that recorded the intakes of grain and legume foods of Australians aged 2 – 70 years. The study found many Australians are not eating legumes regularly, but those that are eating them are eating at least one serve a day.

The survey of  of over 3,000 Australians is based on participants filling in a two-day food diary and using this to answer an online questionnaire. Parents answered for children under 14 years.

Key Findings

  • Only 24% of Australian adults reported eating legumes, including beans, peas, lentils and soy foods, on either one or two days of the survey. 21% of Children under 19 years were reported to eat legumes on either day of the survey.
  • People who reported eating legumes ate an average of 97g per day, with men eating 128g and women 78g. Children under 19 years old had an average intake of 77g per day, equivalent to one serve a day.

For more information on the GLNC 2014 Grains and Legumes Consumption and Attitudes Study click here

Source: Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council (GLNC). 2014 Grains and Legumes Consumption and Attitude Study. Unpublished: 2014.


National Nutrition Survey

A secondary analysis of The Australian 2011-2012 National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey (NNPAS) conducted by GLNC found that Australians who eat legumes at least two times a week have higher intakes of essential nutrients. However, many Australians just don’t eat legumes often enough to benefit from the nutrients of legumes.

The NNPAS survey was based on a sample of over 9,000 adults who undertook a 24-hour dietary recall on the day prior to the survey. GLNC analysed the data to determine the difference between people who ate at least two serves of legumes a week and those that didn’t.

The results of this survey helped us to understand the amounts of legumes that the average Australian eats and emphasised the importance of legumes as part of a balanced diet.

Key Findings

  • The data revealed that Australians are under-consuming legumes with just 7.9% of survey respondents eating legume foods on either day of the survey.
  • Of these 7.9% of respondents, adults consumed a daily average of 1.3 serves, which equates to 100g or two thirds of a cup of cooked legumes and children consumed a daily average of 1 serve, which equates to 75g or half a cup of cooked legumes.


Source: Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council (GLNC). Secondary Analysis of the National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey 2011-2012. Unpublished: 2015.

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