More peas please!

Sunday 10 February is the first ever World Pulses Day, celebrating all things beans, peas and lentils across the globe. We’re singing the praises of the humble pea – often overlooked as a legume – peas are an easy and tasty way of upping your veggie and legume intake.

Peas are packed full of essential nutrients to help maintain our health, including fibre – just 1/2 cup of peas provides us with a fifth of our daily fibre intake.

1 cup of legumes provides us with… World Pulses Day website

Fresh, frozen or dried, there’s a recipe to suit, so give peas a chance this World Pulses Day and take inspiration from our 10 ways with peas…

1. Add a sprinkle of green peas to your pasta

2. Pep up your salad and add some fresh green peas for a summery feel

3. Smash those peas and use to top your toast!

4. Pack your stir-fry with a pea punch

5. Easy peasy dip made easy!

6. Colour your breakfast with green by adding to your omelette!

7. No avocados? No problem! Try guacamole-pea by using fresh green peas for a light alternative

8. Looking for something different to try for a lazy brunch this weekend? Then why not give pea pancakes a bash?

9. Snack happy on yummy and crunchy roasted peas

10. Add to a frittata for a quick and fuss free reciPEA!

We recommend eating 1/2 cup of legumes 2-3 times a week to benefit from all the nutrients legumes provide. However you celebrate World Pulses Day this weekend, add a handful of beans, peas or lentils to your dish and enjoy!
For more ways to enjoy legumes like black beans, chickpeas and legumes, read our article here.

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