Popular ‘low carb’ diet overhauled Fad diets come and go and some are revisited, but yet they always seem to be an ongoing topic of conversation in the media and

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burgen sandwiches with ocean trout and watercress, a quick and easy recipe

All about rye

Keep regular and feel fuller for longer Chronic constipation affects up to 27% of the population in Western countries and may affect an individual’s quality of life. Research has shown

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Awesome oats

Beyond cholesterol lowering Don’t wait for a cold winter’s day to reap the health benefits of oats. New evidence suggests there may be more to oats than cholesterol lowering, with recent

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Loving legumes

Good for your health & the environment Join the cultures around the world that believe eating legumes, specifically black-eyed peas and lentils on New Year’s Day, will bring prosperity and

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