Webinar Recording: Indigenous Grains

Grains were a staple part of the diet in Australia for thousands of years, just as crops bred from grassland species have been (and still are) in most places around the world. However over the last 200 years, the knowledge and practice of using native grains has been lost in this continent, to the detriment of the landscape, culture and healthy diets. What will it take to bring them back? Will it be a fad if they are? Can we simultaneously succeed in the three pronged measures of sustainability (economic, environmental and societal/cultural) with this food system? Join The University of Sydney’s Angela Pattison, who has a passion in Australian native ingredients and field-based plant breeding and research; as well as Aunty Kerrie Saunders, a Gomeroi/Kamilaroi woman and technician on the Grasslands for Grain project, as they explore the opportunity to integrate these ancient indigenous grains into the Australian food system.

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