burgen sandwiches with ocean trout and watercress, a quick and easy recipe

All about rye

Keep regular and feel fuller for longer Chronic constipation affects up to 27% of the population in Western countries and may affect an individual’s quality of life. Research has shown

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Awesome oats

Beyond cholesterol lowering Don’t wait for a cold winter’s day to reap the health benefits of oats. New evidence suggests there may be more to oats than cholesterol lowering, with recent

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Loving legumes

Good for your health & the environment Join the cultures around the world that believe eating legumes, specifically black-eyed peas and lentils on New Year’s Day, will bring prosperity and

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Brains and Grains

More than just fibre, non-starch polysaccharides may help your brain Article written by guest expert Dr Talitha Best, Central Queensland University and adjunct Research Fellow at the University of South

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Grain of the Gods

The International Year of Quinoa The International Year of Quinoa is here and the popularity of this unique ‘Pseudo-grain’ continues to soar. Increasing demand for quiona has been driven by

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Bread Matters

The impact of Folic Acid Fortification in Australia Just over a year after the introduction of mandatory folic acid fortification in wheat flour for bread making, Australian researchers have set

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Popular ‘low carb’ diet overhauled Fad diets come and go and some are revisited, but yet they always seem to be an ongoing topic of conversation in the media and

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Celebrate festive feasting with these easy-as dips. From an earthy pink beetroot number, to a dessert hummus (yes, really), to vibrant green edamame dip. Perfectly paired with a crusty loaf

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6 Smashing Sandwiches

In celebration of #BreadFest, we’re bringing you six of our favourite sandwich recipes. From a fresh avo and prawn combo, to a hearty roast lamb for a substantial lunch option. Let’s celebrate the humble sandwich this Bread Fest.

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Power to the Plants!

By Jaimee Hughes, Accredited Practising Dietitian ‘Plant protein’ and ‘plant-based’ are two of the biggest buzzwords in food and nutrition circles and for good reason! With Australia’s meat consumption almost

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#BreadFest 2021

We’re celebrating all things bread this November! From smashing sandwich recipes, to sharing insights from our recent bread audit, you can join in on all the action at our Instagram

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Festive Feasting Recipes

Whether you’re looking for salad recipes for a Christmas feast or New Year’s Day desserts, we’ve rounded up our top festive recipes to get you in the holiday spirit. Unwrap the joy of festive cooking and create delicious memories with these treats!

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Shop Lupins

GLNC have partnered with a number of Lupin manufacturers in Australia to promote the nutritional benefits of lupins, alongside the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and the Grain

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