World Pulses Day

Celebrate World Pulses Day with GLNC on 10 February 2022!

World Pulses Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the nutritional benefits of pulses and their contribution to sustainable food systems and a world without hunger.

On 10 February, World Pulses Day, we challenge you to find the endless varieties and cooking options of these small but mighty powerhouses. The United Nations declared 10 February World Pulses Day, keeping alive the positive momentum surrounding these healthy, nutritious and protein-rich legumes.

The legume family of plants includes pulses which are the dried seed of legumes. The word pulse comes from the Latin word, puls, which mean the seeds that can be made into a thick soup. Well known dried legumes include chickpeas, beans (includes butter beans, haricot (navy) beans, cannellini beans, red kidney beans, adzuki beans, black-eyed beans and soybeans), peas, lentils, lupins. You can find more about pulse varieties here.

Pulses are good for you, beneficial to farmers’ livelihoods and have a positive impact on the environment. It is clear that even though dried beans, lentils and peas have been around for centuries, they will play a fundamental role in our sustainable future. Here are some more facts about Pulses you may not know from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO).

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