Code of Practice for Whole Grain Ingredient Content Claims

The Code of Practice for Whole Grain Ingredient Content Claims (Code) was successfully launched by GLNC in July 2013. The Code provides guidance for the food industry for consistent messages about whole grain. It covers the use of the GLNC whole grain Daily Target Intake statement, whole grain ingredient content claims (contains whole grain, high in whole grain, very high in whole grain) as well as GLNC certification of grain and legume foods.

The Code has established consistent whole grain messages to help consumers make informed choices. It also provides a public health benefit by encouraging the food industry to increase the whole grain content of foods to meet the claim levels, improving the nutritional quality of the grain food supply.

The Code has been well received by industry with 12 manufacturers signing up to date, and over 200 products currently registered. GLNC supported the launch with communications to key stakeholders including the food industry, government and academia and health care professionals and is building strong media engagement and support to drive increased consumer awareness and understanding of the claims. GLNC will continue to work with the food industry to encourage widespread uptake of the Code to ensure consumers are able to make informed decisions by comparing products on shelf.

As required under the Code, an annual review was conducted in early 2014 to assess the performance of the Code against its objectives and to recommend any amendments required to address implementation or administration issues identified by stakeholders. The 2014 annual review of the Code included two rounds of public consultation for consideration by the Code Steering Committee. The GLNC Board approved the amendments to the Code in May 2014. The 2014 Code is binding on GLNC and all Registered Users as of 1 July 2014.

To support the communication of the Code GLNC has developed a factsheet for health care professionals to help them understand how the Code aligns with the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the 48g whole grain Daily Target Intake. Also available is a factsheet that health care professionals can use with their clients to help people understand what to look for to make better whole grain food choices. To download a copy of the factsheets visit the resources section of the GLNC website.

Current Registered Users of the Code include a range of grain food manufacturers:  Bakers Delight, Cereal Partners Worldwide/Nestle, Continental Biscuit Manufacturers, General Mills, George Weston Foods, Goodman Fielder, Griffins Foods, Mondelez International, Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing Australia, Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing New Zealand, Tucker’s Natural, Woolworths.

For more information and an electronic copy of the 2014 Code visit the GLNC website

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