Our New Bread Audit Results

We’ve been scouring supermarket shelves again for our Product Audit and this time we’ve been looking at bread! Our results showed 68% of Australian breads are at least a source of fibre and 3/4 of white loaves are a source of protein – download our fact sheet here for more, plus top tips on choosing the right bread for you.

Our New Research Shows Grains Are Back!

The results of our latest Consumption Study have shown that fewer Australians are limiting their intake of grains compared to 3 years ago! Find out more on the latest consumption behaviours in grains and legumes here.

GLNC Snack Bar Audit Results

We recently conducted an analysis of snack bar products on-shelf in major supermarkets in Sydney – the encouraging results showed that almost 3/4 of muesli bars are at least a source of fibre and a source of whole grain! Download our fact sheet and handy tips on choosing the right snack bar here.

Let’s Get More Australians to Love Their Legumes!

Many of us don’t know just how important a role legumes play in the Mediterranean diet.  With benefits including reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes, we should all be eating more! Click here to find out how we can get more Australians to love their legumes…