How Will You Add More Legumes to Your Day?

Legumes offer so many health benefits including helping to protect against chronic disease. You can benefit by adding a serve of beans, peas or lentils to your meals – take a look at our latest blog post here to see how!

Let’s Bring Back the Sandwich!

With 70% of Australian kids under-eating their whole grains, bread is a fantastic way to up their intake. And our simple new recipes may even inspire the adults to pack a sandwich for lunch. Read our guide on creating the ultimate sandwich!

Hate Packing School Lunchboxes?

We’ve created a short webinar on how to pack a healthy lunch for the kids…or yourself! Our handy tips and great recipes will set you up just in time for a new term – watch the webinar here.

Our New Research Shows Grains Are Back!

The results of our latest Consumption Study have shown that fewer Australians are limiting their intake of grains compared to 3 years ago! Find out more on the latest consumption behaviours in grains and legumes here.