GLNC Snack Bar Audit Results

We recently conducted an analysis of snack bar products on-shelf in major supermarkets in Sydney – the encouraging results showed that almost 3/4 of muesli bars are at least a source of fibre and a source of whole grain! Download our fact sheet and handy tips on choosing the right snack bar here.

Lupins Now Declared An Allergen

Lupins have now officially been declared an allergen by the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code, to allow for easy identification of foods containing lupin – read more here.

Getting More Australians to Love Their Legumes!

Many of us don’t know just how important a role legumes play in the Mediterranean diet.  With benefits including reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes, we should all be eating more! Click here to find out how we can get more Australians to love their legumes…

Hot Topics: Gluten Free Doesn’t Mean Grain Free

Confused about gluten? Do we really need to avoid it? In our new Hot Topics series we’ve taken a close look at gluten, examining what it actually is, where it’s found and who needs to avoid this controversial protein – find out more here.