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Get with the grain…

GLNC’s 2018 Grains Audit revealed that almost half the grain foods in Australian supermarkets were a good source of fibre, with between 4-7g per serve! Click here to see the full breakdown for rice, pasta and noodles.

Whole 30: what does the research say?

The Whole 30 diet is famous for its focus on fresh produce and lean protein….alongside the exclusion of grains, legumes, dairy and more. We’ve taken a look at the research behind the restrictive 30 day plan. Read more on Whole 30 here.

How will you add more legumes to your day?

Legumes offer so many health benefits including helping to protect against chronic disease. You can benefit by adding a serve of beans, peas or lentils to your meals – take a look at our latest blog post here to see how!