How to hit your daily 48g whole grain target!

Struggling to understand how you can reach your 48g daily whole grain target? Take a look at how you can reach your target in just 3 serves of whole grain foods!

What’s what with the New Nordic Diet?

The New Nordic Diet is the latest media trend being touted as the next big thing. But what exactly is it? And why is it so good for you? We’ve taken a look at the latest research so you don’t have to. Read our blog post here for tips on eating Nordic style today!


How will you add more legumes to your day?

Legumes offer so many health benefits including helping to protect against chronic disease. You can benefit by adding a serve of beans, peas or lentils to your meals – take a look at our latest blog post here to see how!

New research – more good news for whole grains

New research has linked higher intake of whole grains to lower body weight – so instead of cutting carbs, our focus should be on grain quality instead. Read our media release here.