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To become a Registered User of the Code of Practice for Whole Grain Ingredient Content Claims (“The Code”), including GLNC certification of whole grain and legume foods, please ensure you complete the following four steps. For an overview of the application process, click here.

  1. Website Login
  2. Registered User Application
  3. Product Registration
  4. Sign and Send

Clicking NEXT will lead you through this process. You can stop at the end of any page and resume at a later date by logging back in to the website using the log in box on the home page. If you have any questions, contact the Code Manager at codemanager@glnc.org.au or tel: 0428 941 664


If you are already a GLNC Contributor, please log in here to add Code of Practice access. 

To find out more about the Code watch our webinar here..

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