whole grains

Grains and Diabetes

Diabetes is Australia’s fastest growing chronic health problem and accounts for 10.5% of all deaths in Australia. In 2017-18, total number of Australians with diagnosed diabetes was 1.2 million people, …

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Gluten in Grains

Gluten comes from the Latin word for ‘glue’ which gives dough the elastic property that holds gas when it rises.  Bubbles of carbon dioxide are released from fermenting yeast, which …

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Cereal Fibre

Grains, especially whole grains, contain a range of dietary fibres important for health and prevention of disease. These include: Soluble fibres such as: B-glucan (found in oats and barley) pentoses …

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Refined Grains

Refining grains removes varying proportions of the bran and germ. Because micronutrients are generally present in higher concentrations in these outer layers of the grain, refined grain products are lower …

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Similar to amaranth and buckwheat, quinoa (pronounced ‘keen-wah’) fits within the ‘pseudo-cereal’ group as it is not part of the Poaceae botanical family, in which ‘true’ grains belong. It’s loosely …

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Not belonging to the Poaceae botanical family, buckwheat is not classified as a ‘true’ grain, but rather a ‘pseudo-cereal’. Its nutritional profile, nutty flavour, appearance and culinary applications have led …

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