Registered Users of the Code

Current Registered Users of the Code

ALDI Stores
Bakers Delight
Carman’s Fine Foods
Cereal Partners Worldwide/Nestle
Continental Biscuit Manufacturers
Earlyrise Baking Co
Freedom Foods
General Mills
George Weston Foods
Goodman Fielder
Green’s General Foods
Griffins Foods
Mondelez International
McCain Foods
Pinnacle Bakery & Integrated Ingredients
Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing Australia
Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing New Zealand
Simplot Australia
Subway Systems Australia
The Green Group
True Foods
Tucker’s Natural
Vesco Foods


For more information on products which are registered with GLNC and meet the ‘contains’, ‘high in whole grain’, ‘very high in whole grain’ or use the GLNC Daily Target Intake statement, click here.