GLNC Certification of Whole Grain Foods

GLNC certification is available for use on labels for core whole grain foods that are healthier choices within their category.

The use of the GLNC whole grain certification is exclusively for Contributor use only. Contact us (contactus@glnc.org.au) for more information on becoming a GLNC Contributor.


To carry GLNC certification a product must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a core food
  • Be a healthier choice in its category (nutrient criteria apply)
  • Contain at least 8g whole grain per manufacturer serve AND at least 25% whole grain ingredients
  • Be a Contributor product
  • Declare the percentage of whole grain in the ingredients list in accordance with Standard 1.2.10 of the Food Standards Code

Using our whole grain certification is easy! Simply…

  1. Register your whole grain products with our Whole Grain Code – this is completely free! Your products will be promoted on our whole grain database. Contact us for help registering your products.
  2. The next step is to become a Contributor to access our whole grain certification and much more. To find out more about fees and other Contributor benefits relevant for your business contact us here.
  3. Start using our whole grain certification on-pack, on your website, or on promotional collateral!

Why use the Whole Grain Certified Logo?

Globally, whole grain on-pack claims are growing ahead of those focused on dietary fibre and glycemic index.

  • Mintel data shows 60% more new claims for whole grain (n = 27,871) compared with dietary fibre (n = 17,351) globally in the period from mid-2013 to mid-2019.
  • There are 823% more whole grain claims (n=35,970) versus GI claims (n=3,897) in the last 5 years.

In Australia and New Zealand, there has been a 71% increase in the number of foods making whole grain claims (1)

Who is using the Whole Grain Certified Logo?

The logo is currently being used by the Arnotts Group, Bakers Delight, Sanitarium, George Weston Foods, and Uncle Tobys.

View our Code of Practice Handbook here and FAQs here.

For more information on the Code and the certified logo, watch our webinar here…

Or contact the Code Manager via codemanager@glnc.org.au or 0428 941 664.

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