Contact Code Manager

For all  matters relating to the governance and implementation of the Code contact the Code Manager

Jaimee Hughes
Nutrition Manager, GLNC
E: codemanager@glnc.org.au T: +61 428 941 664

Code review process

An annual review of the Code will be coordinated by the Code Manager, in consultation with Registered Users.

The objectives will be to:

  • assess the performance of the Code against its objectives; and
  • recommend any amendments to the Code required to address problems or issues identified during the review process.

The information obtained through the compliance monitoring and complaints handling procedures will be an important contributor to the review process. Data collected can assist with identifying ways to improve the performance of the Code.

Any proposed amendments to the Code will be submitted to the GLNC Board for approval. On approval by the GLNC Board, the amendments will form part of the Code and will be binding on GLNC and all Registered Users. A copy of the amended Code will be made available on the GLNC website and will be sent to each Registered User in June each year.


GLNC welcomes feedback on the Code including issues with implementation. All issues will be considered in the annual review process and significant issues taken to the Code Steering Committee for consideration.

To provide feedback contact the Code Manager at codemanager@glnc.org.au


Complaints of alleged breaches of the Code will be addressed in an equitable, objective and unbiased manner through the complaint lodgement and handling process. For full details on the Complaints Handling Procedure or to make a Complaint visit the Complaints page.

For full details on the administration of the Code download a copy of the Code of Practice for Whole Grain Ingredient Content Claims.

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